Cloud-based technology is becoming critical for any business, small or big. Gentron has partnered with major cloud providers to ensure our clients have the best technology and most secure data at all times.


Availability has become a great part of any business' operations.

With cloud computing, you take availability to the next level, access your data or applications from anywhere in the world at any time.

Offering software as a service, whether it's Microsoft Office 365, M365, MS Azure, hosted Exchange, Google's GSuite, or infrastructure as a service, we can quickly spin up a Virtual Machine on the fly. Gentron will provide you with the scalability and flexibility to suit your business and budget needs.

Why Cloud?

Cloud computing provides access to business data and applications from anywhere, at any time, on any mobile device - all at a reasonable price when compared with the cost of hosting servers in-house.

The cloud provides small businesses with mobile access to data and helps them be more competitive within their market.

The convenience of cloud computing is that you pay a small monthly fee, and the business of maintaining the service or application is the responsibility of the cloud vendor. There is no more need for having to cater for an on-premises server room.

Application Consolidation

You may be able to consolidate your separate application needs into one multi-application, cloud computing service:

  • Google Apps for Business includes email, calendar scheduling, Google Docs (for creating and sharing documents, presentations, and forms)

  • Microsoft 365 includes all your favorite MS apps available on the cloud

Cloud Accounting

Most of the major accounting software companies have a cloud solution that would cater to any need, keeping all your financial data safe and off-site.

Not only will you be able to use your desktop PC or laptop but Cloud-based accounting applications are also compatible with Android or Apple smartphones allowing the user to access their accounting data, send invoices, and track expenses while on the go.