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Per device Desktop or laptop remote monitoring and support          R 26 per month

Per Server or Virtual server remote monitoring and support            R 100 per month

ABOUT Gentron's Remote Monitoring and Managment service

Gentron has made a commitment to be the most powerful RMM in the marketplace. We are dedicated to create the absolute best user experience and to integrate all of the products you love to use. The platform is the result of thousands of MSPs’ feedback, and of the input from the product management teams of all the vendors you use today.


• Zero Training Time – A huge library of built-in templates, scripts and preconfigured policies makes the onboarding experience a breeze.

• 360 Monitoring – Monitor devices ranging from Windows to Mac endpoints, networking
hardware, as well as websites, DNS records, email servers.

• One Click Remediation – Restore/Delete Anti-Virus threats, approve or reject patches on demand, and
reset alerts on demand.

• Remote Control – Gentron's RMM has the best-in-class remote control integration with TeamViewer that allows synchronization of devices, customers, and users from TeamViewer, thereby making
connectivity straightforward.

• Patch Management – State-of-the-art patching engine that lets patching operating systems as well as third-party software at the click of a button. Elaborate framework to control patching at the system, customer, and device level.

• Integrated Device Viewer – Unparalleled visibility into devices with high-level overviews, device and
monitoring details, and alerting and self-healing actions.

• Network Monitoring – Perform Deep Network monitoring using SNMP, Syslog, and Traps. Take a deep look at traffic using NetFlow/S-Flow/IPFIX protocols. Run a backup of Cisco and HP hardware and see the configuration in the Gentron portal.

• Best of Breed Integrations – Gentron's focus is to be an ecosystem player. That is the reason why seamless integrations span across all realms: Remote Control, Antivirus, Patching, Backup, etc.

• Layered Security Approach – Gentron tackles customer security from various angles - Deploy and manage antivirus on the endpoints, monitor router and firewall configuration for changes, manage and monitor backup jobs and monitor traffic flow.