Samsung Galaxy S8+ or iPhone 7 Plus?

A very common question I get,

Should I get the new Samsung or the new iPhone?”.

How do I go about answering that question?

Normally I would say, do you want a phone that is a phone or do you want a gadget? Cause that is exactly what Samsung’s are these days and iPhone is following soon, to be honest. With all the new “smarts” all around us, smart phones, smart lights, smart locks, even smart coffee machines, heck how do you keep up?

Even apple is heading into the smart world with introducing the new Home app for IOS. Which lets you control smart appliances right from the palm of your hand.

So which is it then? iPhone ? or Samsung?

Answer these few questions and you’ll know what you need and not what you want.

  1. Do you want to be able to make voice calls?

  2. Should the phone be able to connect to social media platforms?

  3. Should the phone keep all your beloved selfies with your dogs or fish ( which ever you prefer :p ).

  4. Should the phone be able to send a spaceship to the moon?

If your answers were ‘Yes, Yes, Yes, No’ get an iPhone but if your answers were ‘Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes’ You definitely need to get the latest Samsung.

The Galaxy S and Note range are more for Tech savvy guys, who will put the phones capabilities to its full use. But does that mean I can’t have an iPhone? Definitely not! I prefer both … so I got myself both :D. My iPhone 7 Plus is used for day to day activities. Calling, messaging, going through Facebook posts or 9GAG, you know the normal stuff.

But when it comes to the rocket science I use my S8+. Playing music, watching a movie, play the latest games and the rest of the rocket science dept.

These days people are going on about how much more you can do with a Samsung compared to an iPhone… Please show me one thing I can’t do with my 7Plus, I dare you.

iPhone has stepped up their game A LOT. Apple introduced handoff.

Imagine this, you just got home and you receive an important email which you need to reply. You start replying as you walk to the front door. Lock your phone and continue on your iPad or Mac. Can your rocket science phone do that sir?

The one day I went into a Samsung store right after they released the S7 x_x .

There was a little box with a hole in it and a picture on the inside x_x.

This is to represent how good the Samsung’s camera is in low light. Boy oh boy did they regret me walking into their store with my iPhone 6S Plus. The Samsung’s picture quality wasn’t nearly as good as the iPhones LOL! Samsung is supposed to have one of the best cameras on their phones?

Till this day I have not encountered one single glitch with my iPhone, whereas my Samsung… Let’s just say it’s not perfect yet.

I am in no way saying you should throw away your Samsung now, I still love my S8+. These days I use it more than my iPhone 7 Plus. But personally, I prefer the iPhone if I had to choose but luckily I don’t have to choose so I’ll stick with both :p.

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