Kidney for a Apple!

If you are a die hard Apple fan, you would have watched the Keynote announcement on the 12th September. If you haven't it's worth a watch.

See the video link below

I think the most note worthy announcement was the iPhone X. At first when they announced the iPhone 8 and they were showing off the new features, I felt a little disappointed. Then what we thought was the ending of the disappointing keynote they announced " one more thing ".

They announced the iPhone X, which looks amazing. No physical home button - just a beautiful glass screen from bezel to bezel.

I couldn't help laughing when the facial recognition live demo failed. Which was embarrassing, and took away some of the spotlight in the headlines. But the 2nd try later on worked well and I think the animoji feature was pretty cool.

I also rather like Apple finally embracing wireless charging for their phones now too. I especially like the Airpower charging pad. I also think the feature of the iPhone displaying the charging status of the other devices on the charging pad is rather nifty.

They just need to make the charging pad's real estate larger to fit my iPad there as well.

But right now I need to find a buyer for my left kidney so I can afford the iPhone X.

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