The new iPhone 8

Most of us watched the keynote earlier this month, where Apple announced quite a few new products and features.

The new iOS 11 was launched along with watchOS 4 which will be on the new Series 3 Watch, and then they announced the iPhone 8… Everyone was so excited to hear about all the new features and so called new look…

When they first showed the phone, I was so disappointed as it looks EXACTLY like the 7, besides for the new all glass body with Aluminum frame.

All the rumors and so called leaks flew out the window instantly. No infinity display, no new design or integrated touchID.

After they explained all the new features and hardware, like the all new A11 Bionic processor chip, I liked it a lot. The new cameras as well as the software for the camera was completely redesigned.

But then… “That’s not all ladies and gentlemen, one more thing.”

iPhone X.

All new design, dual camera (same as iPhone 8),

Full-glass body with an aluminum frame

(same as iPhone 8), A11 Bionic Processor chip (same as iPhone 8), New wireless charging (same as iPhone 8), No home button (Not the same as iPhone 8), Infinity display (Not the same as iPhone 8).

The iPhone X only has the new faceID biometric security, since the home button was removed. This is supposedly 10 x more secure than touchID. 3D face recognition sounds pretty farfetched but the team at apple made it happen.

The iPhone 8 Plus is going for about R21K. A lot of money for a phone… but since you are already going to burn that hole in your pocket you might as well make it a little bit bigger.

I have heard that the iPhone X will sell at around R25 000 to R27 000.

You are already taking out an amount big enough for a car, might as well buy Mags with it right?

In my defense, I think Apple made a mistake launching the iPhone 8, 99% of the people are going to go for the all new iPhone X, it is just a few grand extra and in South Africa you will most probably buy it on a contract from your ISP, so the difference won’t easily be felt in the prices.

I know I would pay a few bucks extra a month to hold that stylish and amazing phone in my hand.

Would you rather buy the iPhone 8 ?

Leave your comments below.

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