Intel's 'wearable' pocket pc

 If you are wondering what makes this device so extraordinary it’s the fact that the Compute stick is a full blown Windows operating system computer that is about the same size as a pack of gum. 

Now, there are other products on the market that harness similar technology in this micro form factor like the Roku or Chromecast, but these devices utilize their own proprietary software, and the scope of what they can actually accomplish, is very narrow.

Installation and initial startup was effortless. The Compute stick plugs into the HDMI port of your TV or monitor and you provide it with power using the power cable they conveniently provided you with. In the Compute Stick’s first boot up, it was immediate.

After no more than 10 minutes from when I plugged it all in, it booted into the OS, and I was soon free to explore.

I was very happy to see that there was virtually no bloatware to be found, not that it would be wise to bog down a PC this small anyways with silly programs. After just a few days of use, and only installing programs like Google Chrome and adobe, Java , the C drive only had 12 Gb left of the 32 Gb that it had total, before the operating system.

However there is a micro SD slot on the device, as well, so that you can use for expanded physical storage space, if you are not a fan of the cloud.

In my testing, the Intel Compute Stick performed very well in nearly everything I tried to do with it. It was able to run everything in the Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Streaming sites and, most importantly for me, ran very smooth as a remote desktop interface to my primary desktop

The computer is powered by the Various CPU’s but my recommendation would be a Intel Compute stick , There is one blue USB port for USB 3.0 and one black port for USB 2.0, a physical power button, and a mini-SD slot to expand on the 32 Gb of physical memory that comes stock with the computer.

I think that the Intel Compute Stick is very impressive. This thing is a Swiss army knife of functionality. While many of its functions can be done by other products in a more better capacity- and do them better, the Intel Compute Stick can still get the job done. As well as a dozen other jobs you might not even know you need it to do yet.

Plus, its small enough to wear around your neck!

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