FACE++ can become our own Eagle Eye

Face-detection, who would have thought it will be here by now. Well, it is and it’s improved. Countries like China are now using this technology to make payments, provide access control to buildings and in the future can be deployed everywhere to apprehend criminals.

Remember this is not a new technology but it is now well designed. Just by uploading a face into the system it can now do identity verification immediately where ever the system is installed. Think of a world where you do not have to walk around with your wallet anymore, less baggage.

Over the past few years, computers have become incredibly good at recognizing faces, and the technology is expanding quickly in China in the interest of both surveillance and convenience. Face recognition might transform everything from procedures to the way people interact every day with banks, stores, and transportation services. I Like it. It reminds me of my 2003 grade 10 Technology presentation project which I got 100% for and blew away my teacher’s mind. Even though I was not the one who created it and though it took so long to get here, finally it is here.

Apps have taken over our daily lives and Face++ is now being used in a lot of popular apps. Now one of the biggest equity listed JSE companies Alibaba founded in 2004 with their now most trusted online and mobile payments Alipay app is using Face++ and has now more 550 000 000 users and only 120 000 000 users are only using their faces to do payments. Soon it will be over a billion users because it keeps growing by the day. Imagine this technology being so stable that it can recognize so many faces around the world using this app.

Face++ pronounced Face plus plus is now accurate enough to be used in secure financial transactions without even going to the bank. You would think that you could cheat the system by dumping a photo in front of it but that won’t work because there is a “liveness” test, designed to prevent anyone from doing so, requires people being scanned to move their head or speak while the app scans them. Now that’s amazing.

A writer for MIT went to visit China to spend some time at Face++ and in his review he said “Unlike, the United States, China has a large centralized database of ID card photos. During his time at Face++, he saw how local governments are using its software to identify suspected criminals in video from surveillance cameras, which are omnipresent in the country.” Remember the movie Eagle Eye? That’s why our country South Africa with all its crime desperately needs this technology to minimize crime exponentially.

We all know there’s fingerprint software out there and it’s is very safe but think about the people that don’t have fingers. Face++ does updates also of the user’s face, that’s how cool the software is. It recognizes key points in the face, so if you think of tattooing your whole face or piercing everywhere, it easy for Face++. The software then analyzes the facial biometric data, and up to 83 different key points are being tracked on the face. That way, a person's face can be identified with an incredible 99% accuracy!

Other features of the app is that it can analyze someone's age, race or gender, it can compare faces and even recognize emotional expressions. It could ensure more safety than our traditional passwords. One day I would want to enter my house by just using my face and drive my car, plus I know there’s a lot of people that would agree with me that having your keys after a heavy night out with boys consider yourself lucky. Well with Face++ no more keys.

Face++ is going to revolutionise our world!

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