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Wireless LTE for home

For many home users these days Internet at home is almost a must have. However, not many people want the hassle of having an ADSL line installed or unavailability of fiber in your area.

Having the waiting time of a landline being installed as well as waiting for someone to set it up, not to mention once you have internet that the line might be slower than normal.

I’d like to talk today about something that I found quite useful and it only takes a few steps to order, deliver, plug and play.

I came across this when moving homes and found that instead of having an ADSL line installed, I could have the option of LTE-A which is able to give super-fast internet access as well as turn your home in to a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

You are able to get speeds of up to:

90 MBPS Download 25 MBPS upload

It supports Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n and is able to stand up with the new age Smart phone’s speeds.

In essence, this will give you the ability to stream movies, series, and for those gaming fanatics, it provides the user a latency speed.

Many Providers offer LTE Packages as a solution for home internet. Telkom, Afrihost, Web Africa, just to name a few. You would however need to be careful and check the coverage in your area first.

Most providers will allow you to check on their webpage before going ahead.

Should the provider not cover your area there is no need to stress as there are ways around this with an additional cost you will be able to purchase a booster that they will install for you to be able to get the signal you need for connectivity.

It is a Wi-Fi Router with a sim card placed inside like an old school Dongle except this is just a bit bigger on scale and faster. It also comes with four Ethernet ports, if need be allowing you to cable a Desktop PC or Network printer.

The Router is capable of being moved anywhere in the house and is easily relocated hassle free to another home.

This awesome device is able to give you fibre speeds but is a Wi-Fi Solution.

It’s able to connect up to 32 devices i.e. Laptops, phones, Smart Tv’s etc making it a versatile and easy solution for SME’s.

So if you are looking for home based Internet, at better price, and no waiting time, this would be the option for you!

Do the change today!

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