Who doesn’t like free WiFi ?

Who doesn’t like free WiFi ?

Unsecured WiFi, also known as public WiFi, has become a part of our lives, most restaurants, shopping malls and other places have public WiFi to enjoy.

But what’s the risks in using unsecure WiFi?

Connecting to an unsecured connection puts you and your device at risk. The unsecured network is exactly what the name claims it to be. Anyone can connect to this network, including hackers.

Not only do you risk your device but your digital identity as well.

Hackers can use your device as a link in their chain to hide their own

digital trace.

It’s called hopping. When you access any site or go anywhere on the internet your current IP address and your device’s serial number gets logged and linked to that visit, this is called your digital trail or fingerprint. Most of the time hackers will hop around devices all around the world to best cover their tracks. This can link you to cyber crimes.

With a few courses hackers learn to sniff packets, this means they intercept the communication between your device and wherever you visit with your device. They can intercept, decrypt and steal your information being sent to that destination or even worse they’ll send back their own responses to your device and block the other site’s response to start a phishing attack. Which basically is you giving all your credentials to the hacker.

The most common risk involved in connecting to public WiFi is malicious malware.

By connecting your device to an unsecured network your device is immediately at risk for malware. Hackers use malware to hijack your device. If your device has been infected with malware the hacker, depending how good he/she is, can then have full control to your device.

So think about it, is sending an email that important that you need to risk your identity and your devices in harm’s way?

If you have to connect to an unsecured network make sure you have up-to-date anti virus and malware detection software, but remember that won’t always be enough, hackers can still use you as the man in the middle and intercept your communication, or create back doors to get into your device.

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